Upfront Foods started with a mom and former school teacher who had health issues was looking for a quick and easy breakfast or snack with no artificial ingredients or preservatives. When she couldn’t find one, she took her homemade granola recipe and created a product with only 7 simple, authentic ingredients from trusted sources.

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We use authentic ingredients from trusted sources… 100% whole grain oats, golden flaxseed from a 5th generation family farm in North Dakota, and 100% pure maple syrup from a 7th generation family farm in Vermont.

7 Simple ingredients from trusted sources all in a single serving pouch that goes with you anywhere… in the car, to the gym, school or the office or wherever you decide to live in an upfront way! Pair our granola¬†with milk or yogurt or even as a topping for salad or ice cream… remember, granola is not just for breakfast anymore!

Simple. Smart. Satisfying.

Live every day in an Upfront way